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I will no longer be a prisoner to giving everything to everyone else and not giving to me first.

Brejette Terry-Emery

Have you ever found yourself so lost and in the depths of your pain that you couldn’t imagine there ever being an out? Have you ever wondered “is this my reality?” and “is this my forever?” Well it’s time to realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your pain even if your situation is “unique”.

In this 12 Ways to Salvage Your Self-Love Brejette shares her personal story on the exact steps she went through to discover and salvage her self-love. Use these reflection prompts, affirmations, and activities to Salvage Your Self-Love in the midst of chaos and pain. Be empowered to discover who you are and what you like. Learn to accept ALL OF YOU and recognize it’s not selfish to put yourself first.

Recognize your need to Salvage your Self-Love

Learn ways to utilize your self-love as a Tool

Learn ways to enjoy self-love everyday

Meet the Author

Brejette N. Terry-Emery is a two-time Amazon bestselling author, motivational speaker, inspirational, and empowerment Coach. With the many hats that she wears, she is also the co-founder of the nonprofit Inspirempower New Mexico, and Executive Director of its local Dress for Success Albuquerque, an affiliate of the worldwide Dress for Success organization.

Prior to this role, Brejette served the community and its youth for 8 years providing case management, guidance, mentoring, and career pathways for Albuquerque’s at-risk youth and their families.

Brejette holds a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies/Human Development and Family Relations, with a minor in Africana Studies from the University of New Mexico. Brejette is passionate about walking in her innate God-given purpose, and most importantly raising her amazingly, bright son.

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